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Motorcycle Club Activities And The Response By Law Enforcement Research Paper

Motorcycle Club Activities And The Response By Law Enforcement - Research Paper Example Although RICO has been one method of dealing with the organized nature of the clubs, the effectiveness to date has not been encouraging. The American myth of the outlaw motorcycle gang is still a living and thriving entity that had yet to be controlled by law or authority. Motorcycle club activities and the response by law enforcement One of the iconic images of the 1960s was the idea of the motorcycle club, glamourized by films and supported by the almost mythical existence of the Hell’s Angels which was commonly known across the United States. While the emergence of street gangs has overwhelmed the urban legends of the motorcycle gang activities, eclipsing the romance of the open road with the romance of the gritty streets of the city, motorcycle gangs are still in existence and are tied both to street activities and prison gang activities. The primary business of MCs or motorcycle clubs is that of the drug trade, although with their ties to organized crime they have their h ands in quite a bit of illegal activity. The flesh trade is another popular form of enterprise for the MCs as it became a natural extension of the hedonistic lifestyle embraced. Illegal activities occur through complex and extensive relationships with other forms of organized crime and with networks of chapters and clubs that support the criminal businesses that they run. The MCs are powerful with a strong organized culture in which the hierarchy and the military style authority with which they operate provides both security for the members and a strict code of behaviors with violent consequences when violated. Law enforcement on the local level has the problem of handling the club while federal authorities are freer to act more aggressively towards taking apart the organizations, but to date other than disassembling portions of the club, a bit at a time; they have not been able to take down the system. Biker Culture According to Nichols (2010) â€Å"Any time society breeds a natio n of sheep – when people grow to lazy or meek or subservient to power – a few wolves emerge to attack these weaknesses and keep the human herd strong† (p. 62). The biker culture emerged, primarily in the aftermath of World War II, although the official beginning was in 1935 (Birzer, 2011). Men who had been in the war came home to a world in which they were now disenfranchised. Although the economy was booming, the soldiers were suffering from the same feelings of displacement that most veterans of war experience. In reaction to both the economy that was emerging in a new society that had no place to them and the need for the return to the social structure and brotherhood of the armed forces, the creation of ‘clubs’ to provide for these men became the result. If one looks at the nature of the membership, they have a uniform, earn patches for performance which gives them honor, and have a structured hierarchy (Nichols, 2010). Another important element to membership is that the bike that is owned must be of American manufacture, thus the clubs, although outlaw show a sense of pride for their nation (Birzer, 2011). While the origins of the original comment that began the idea of the ‘one percenter’ is lost to history, the comment that created this outlaw ideal was based upon a quote that stated that 99% of all bikers were law abiding citizens (Joans, 2001). From this comment was born the elite, those bikers who lived the myth of the outlaw biker, wreaking havoc on the world and living a life of relentless hedonism. Sonny Barger of the Hell’s Angels began the tradition in the 1960s of adding the ‘

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Final Report on Shenzhen Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Final Report on Shenzhen Company - Essay Example The company is a limited liability company with ownership never changing hands since the company’s establishment. As a management policy, human resource is developed in the company through internal training. Most often than not, the company trains lower ranked staff to take up top rank position so as to ensure that less resources are spent on recruitment and placement. Greater part of the company’s clientele has to do with other production companies most of whom have their operations demanding the constant supply of energy. To a large extent therefore, every newly established company becomes an automatic target client for the company. The company’s internal systems have translated into a business image whereby the company is seen as one with a well regulated organizational culture that is based on customer satisfaction. Clearly, the customer satisfaction models used by the company have become its greatest competitive edge. Though public publicity and advertisemen ts are done, most of the company’s new clients are the result of the good things that existing customers tell them about the company. This includes the numerous customer appreciation promotions they enjoy from the company. As a strategy, pricing has always been the same as that of competitors. However, there is a slight difference whereby there are regular discount programs to reward faithful customers. The company’s competitors include other energy companies especially government funded energy companies. Part II. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Company (30 pts) In a number of ways, the company has exhibited a number of strong points as far as the delivery of work is concerned. For instance the company has established an organizational culture that focuses purposely on the customer. This has generally improved the customer service of the company and made it one of the best to in the world as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. There also exists the use of compet itive pricing in the company. Instead of strategizing in the use of lower prices, the company wins the hearts of customers through other for a such as the institutionalization of quality assurance and excellent customer service so that these would make room for maintaining competitive pricing that ensures that the company does not run at losses resulting from reduced prices of goods and services. What is more, the use of internal recruitment is an excellent way of ensuring that workers in the company give off their very best when they are at post. If for nothing at all, the employee would work hard and be committed to work so that he or she gains promotion to take up higher portfolios. The strengths discussed above not withstanding, there remain certain vital weaknesses that are worth addressing with immediate effect. The greater part of this has to do with the growth and expansion policy of the company. Presently, the company concentrates more on regional expansion rather than glob al expansion. This means that not as many branches as the company is in a position to build are formed in international economies. What this implies is that the company is denied of precious foreign exchange. The company also lacks diversity in its overall workforce. Again, the company is not opened to international standards and competition. It is therefore suggested that the company starts major

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Notes On Making A Tricopter Essay Example for Free

Notes On Making A Tricopter Essay Making a Quad- or Tri-copter is a project I’ve been tempted by for a long time. Ever since I got an RC heli, which I’ve since abandoned. The Heli was too hard to fly, and there wasn’t much motivation to persevere — having learned, all you can really do is aerobatics, which I’m not very interested in. A quad, on the other hand, is easier to fly and much more flexible: I could add cameras, sensors, telemetry, code it to do interesting things, etc. And lots of people have done this so it’s an easy thing to Google about. The tricopter seems the most appealing so far – interesting build, nice balance of stability and maneuverability. Interesting things so far: * Design considerations for beginners * Calculator to check if a given set of components will work together (looks awesome) * Arducopter – if I don’t have success coding an Arduino myself, or it’s too hard, or I want the features without all that work * UK-based Arducopter store * Useful FAQ on frame design, and some other bits * Video on building a tri from scratch * Complete build guide from the dude (v2.5) * And the next version along, v2.6 HV * Newbie FPV guide * Open-source plans for the RCExplorer frame * Discussion on various FC boards * The KK board is also an ATmega – I did not realise this. Lots of resources here. * A lot of tips and links on this RCGroups thread * Massive flight controller feature comparison table (possibly not up to date) * RCExplorer’s tricopter setup guide * Forum for UK-based FPVers * FPV advice/support/campaign group * Credible explanation of the CAA regulations covering model aircraft (with and without FPV) in the UK * Another explanation of frequencies and their legality, also from FPVUK * Good-looking set of videos about FPV theory and builds * Company selling uk-legal FPV gear, and it sounds like they’re helpful too I’ll update this post with more stuff. Design notes Frame I thought there would be maths (shuddder) about frame size vs prop size vs motor power and all that sort of thing, but this FAQ says the main considerations are maneuverability and stability. A smaller frame is more nimble but less stable, and vice versa. Since I’m a beginner, a larger, more stable frame seems like a good idea. It also seems plausible that it’s a better platform to develop from: I could perhaps add bigger motors/props to increase lift, for example, without having to change the frame. (Guess). The RCExplorer v2.6 arms are 480mm, which seems a good place to start. I think I’ll also use the frame design from RCExplorer as it’s well proven and designs are available. Some tips from this thread: * Prop wash over the arms causes vibration. Try to mount the props at least as far above the arms as the prop radius. * ESCs (unsurprisingly) work better if kept cool. Perhaps worth mounting them in the prop wash? Props Not much headway on this yet. RCExplorer (again!) recommends the smallest props you can as smaller props are lighter and have less air resistance, making them more stable. Trial and error seems a sensible approach here, as long as the prop doesn’t overwork the motor. Control board From this table, Arducopter seems both very functional and reasonably priced. Lots of resources for it too. Beyond (advanced) features (that I won’t need for ages, if ever), I still don’t have a clear idea what the pros and cons of the various boards are, though. For example, noob-friendliness, ease of repairs. The KK board does have a screen to guide you through the process, which might make it preferable to start with. And it’s cheap, so easy enough to replace with something more feature-rich later. ESCs There are so many important bits of information in the big tips thread that it’s not really worth reproducing them here. Just go read it. Use NiMH mode even for a LiPo battery, because the low-voltage mode engaging (to protect the LiPo) causes flips (eek). Motors RCExplorer uses these for the v2.5. Mentioned elsewhere too. Is 750kV enough? What are the considerations? Batteries TBC Video Not planning to do this immediately, but from reading so far, there is stuff worth noting. Apparently, the only legal frequencies for airborne video tx in the UK are 2.4 and 5.8GHz. These are very short wavelengths with poor penetration and are limited to 10mw and 25mw respectively. This sounds totally dreadful, but people do claim that they can get decent range (up to a mile) with a high-gain antenna. A significant number of other people are (unsurprisingly) completely flouting the law. It does seem a bit OTT. Obtaining an amateur radio licence makes no difference as they do not include airborne transmissions (out of date but probably still accurate: Amateur Radio (Foundation) Licence Terms, Provisions and Limitations Booklet BR68/F, para 2(6)). Possible exception: higher power 5.8GHz transmitters at 250mw rather than 25mw. It seems that to stay legal you can only use 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz. My transmitter is 2.4GHz and I don’t want to replace that with an (obsolete) 35MHz transmitter. So it seems it’s 5.8GHz or bust. Telemetry, sensors I’ll think about these later. Transmission of telemetry data is permitted on 433.05 to 434.79MHz up to 10mw.

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The Awakening Essay -- essays research papers fc

The Relationship of The Awakening and Creole Society In The Awakening, Kate Chopin brings out the essence of through the characters of her novel. In this novel Edna Pontellier faces many problems because she is an outcast from society. As a result of her isolation from society she has to learn to fit in and deal with her problems. This situation causes her to go through a series of awakenings that help her find herself, but this also causes problems with her husband because she loses respect for him and the society she lives in. Throughout the novel she is faced with unfavorable circumstances which confuse and eventually kill her. Kate Chopin uses Creole Society in the 1890s as a basis for her novel and expresses it through Creole women, personal relationships, and etiquette. The Awakening is a book based on French Creoles and their lifestyle which is expressed throughout the novel. Creoles were French Creole Society descendents of French and Spanish Colonists of the 1700s. They had strong family ties because of Catholicism and were a tight community because they where considered outcasts of Anglo- American society. Clement Eaton says that "the Creoles, to a greater degree then Anglo-Americans, lived a life of sensation and careless enjoyment. They loved to dance, gamble, fish, attend feasts, play on the fiddle and to live without much thought of the morrow." Eaton 252 Creoles were very lively outgoing people because of their comfortable tight society. Activities such as Mardi Gras and Sunday afternoon Mass holiday spirits contribute the liveliness of these people (Walker 252). A large reason for their comfort and "live for the moment" attitude was that Creoles did not move west like most other colonists to claim land. Instead they stayed in relatively the same area and just grew in population without consumption of other lands . This caused a shortage of land so it had to be repeatedly divided among the families and it also made it difficult for the plantation system to operate successfully (Walker 253). Background of Creoles: Until 1888 the husband was legal guardian and was given custody of the children when in a divorce. In the 1890 segregation was legalized (Jim Crow laws), but blacks horizons were expanding also. "In Louisiana after the Civil War, African American men had voted in lar... ... of the Old South. Ed. Albert D. Kirwan. Lexington: U of Kentucky P, 1968. 83. Qtd. in Walker, 252. Shaffter, Mary L. "Creole Women." The Chatauquan 15 (1982) : 346-347. Rpt. in "The Awakening": An Authoritative Text. Ed. Margo Culley. New York: Norton, 1994. 137-139. Walker, Nancy. "Feminist or Naturalist?" The Social Context of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. 17(1979) : 95-103. Rpt. in "The Awakening" : An Authoritative Text. Ed. Margo Culley. New York: Norton, 1994. 137-139. Wells, Richard A. "An Etiquette Advice Book Sampler." Decorum: A Practical Treatise on Etiquette and Dress of the Best American Society. (1886): 248-49. Rpt. in "The Awakening": An Authoritative Text. Ed. Margo Culley. New York: Norton, 1994.122-125. Young, John H. "An Etiquette Advice Book Sampler." Our Deportment, Or the Manners, Conduct and Dress of the Most Refined Society. (1882): 56. Rpt. in "The Awakening": An Authoritative Text. Ed. Margo Culley. New York: Norton, 1994. 122-125.

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The Great Navigator Columbus

The great navigator Columbus Mr. Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) navigator Spain famous and pioneering major geographical discoveries in human history. He was in his youth believer in the theory of spherical Earth and not leading the famous Marco Polo every respect and appreciation, and the determination to become a navigator. During the period between the year 1492 and in 1502 crossed the Atlantic Ocean four times and discovered the American continent and became a great crew in the history of the world.Columbus Italy and had a passion for navigation and exploration since he was young and looked forward to traveling to China and India. And has repeatedly asked the Portuguese and Spanish kings and the British and French to help him do a cruise to the west until it reaches to the eastern states, but they rejected the plan because the spherical earth theory were not complete and convincing in those days. He spent more than ten years trying to convince people to help him implement his n avigational plan.In 1492 the queen of Spain with the help of satisfied Columbus financially the implementation of the plan. In September 1492 launched Columbus' fleet of three ships and 87 crew from Europe to the west, hoping to reach Asia in the end. A month after the fleet arrived at the dry ground, and Columbus and his men think Columbus and his men, it is the land of Asia, told the audience in Europe that they have arrived in India. Thus Columbus discovered the American continent without being aware of the fact discovered.This trip changed the great process of the evolution of the history of the world, and turned the World Trade Center from the Mediterranean Sea to the west shore of the Atlantic Ocean. In the following centuries, modern industrial civilization has become a new trend of the evolution of the global economy. The United States identified in 1792 on the 12th of October or the first two second-day of October each year, â€Å"Columbus Day†. In this day every yea r organizes most U. S. states many festive activities on the occasion of the anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the Americas.

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Dont Make This Mistake in French Je Suis 25 Ans

If you are 25 years old  and someone asks you in French how old you are, you respond:  Jai 25 ans (I am 25 years old).  Using the verb avoir (to have)  for age is the idiom, and to respond using the verb à ªtre (Je suis 25 ans) is nonsense to the French ear.  Ã‚   The French translation of to be is à ªtre. However, a lot of English expressions with to be are equivalent to French expressions with avoir (to have). To be ___ (years old) is one of these expressions: I am 25 (years old) is not Je suis 25 or Je suis 25 ans, but rather Jai 25 ans. This is just something you have to memorize, along with Jai chaud (Im hot), Jai faim (Im hungry), and many more expressions with avoir. Note also that the word ans (years) is required in French. In English you can just say Im 25,but that does not happen in French. Plus, the number is always written as a numeral, never as a word. Other Expressions of Age à   trois ans  Ã‚  at three (years of age)On fà ªte ses vingt ans. Were celebrating his twentieth birthday.un enfant de cinq ans  Ã‚  a five-year-old childretraite à   60 retirement at the age of 60moins de 26 ans younger than 26Anne Jones, 12 ans Anne Jones, age 12les enfants de 3 à   13  ans children ages 3 to 13Le groupe tà ©moin a comportà © 30 sujets, à ¢ge moyen de 56,9 ans.  Ã‚  The control group consisted of 30 healthy individuals, mean  age  56.9.à ¢gà © de plus de 18  ans older than 18 / 18 years of ageJai une excellente bouteille dOban  18 ans dà ¢ge  dans mon bureau.  Ã‚  I have an excellent bottle of  18-year-old  Oban in my office.La principale à ©tude comprenait environ 19,000 femmes à ¢gà ©es de 15 à   25  ans.   The main study involved almost 19,000 women from  15 to  25. More Idiomatic Expressions with Avoir avoir à  Ã‚  Ã‚   infinitive  Ã‚  to have to do somethingavoir besoin de   to needavoir chaud   to be hotavoir confiance en   to trustavoir de la chance   to be luckyavoir du charme   to have charmavoir du chien  (informal)  Ã‚  to be attractive, have a certain somethingavoir du pain sur la planche  (informal)  Ã‚  to have a lot to do, have a lot on ones plateavoir du pot  (informal)  Ã‚  to be luckyavoir envie de   to want  toavoir faim   to be hungryavoir froid   to be coldavoir honte de   to be ashamed of/aboutavoir horreur de   to detest/loatheavoir lair (de)  Ã‚  to look (like)avoir la frite  Ã‚  to feel greatavoir la gueule de bois  Ã‚  to have a hangover, to be hungoveravoir la patate   to feel greatavoir le beurre et largent du beurre  Ã‚  to have ones cake and eat it tooavoir le cafard  (informal)  Ã‚  to feel low/blue/down in the dumpsavoir lesprit de lescalier  Ã‚  to be unable to think of witty comebacks in timeavoir le fou rire   to have the gigglesavoir le mal de mer   to be seasickavoir les chevilles qui enflent  (informal)  Ã‚  to be full of oneselfavoir lhabitude de   to be used to, in the habit ofavoir lheure   to have (know) the timeavoir lieu   to take placeavoir lintention de   to intend/plan toavoir mal à   la tà ªte, aux yeux, à   lestomac   to have a headache, eye pain, stomachacheavoir mal au cÅ“ur   to be sick to ones stomachavoir peur de   to be afraidavoir raison   to be rightavoir soif   to be thirstyavoir sommeil   to be sleepyavoir tort   to be wrong Additional Resources Avoir, Être, FaireExpressions with avoirExpressions with à ªtre

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The Truth About Vaccines - 1477 Words

Ryan Milley was only 18 years old when he developed a severe case of meningitis after coming home from a family party one night. By the time his mother rushed him to the emergency room, he had lost all feeling in his legs and was so weak that he could not stand up on his own. A few hours later his heart stopped. Ryan passed away on June 22, 1998 just before eleven A.M. (â€Å"Victims of Vaccine-Preventable Disease†). If Ryan Milley had gotten vaccinated for meningitis as an infant, this tragedy could have been prevented. Vaccines are substances that provide immunity against certain diseases by stimulating the production of antibodies without inducing the effects of the disease. This is not a new concept however. Vaccines have been fighting off†¦show more content†¦Trypanophobia, or â€Å"needle phobia† is one of the most common fears around, with about ten percent of all Americans having it. The irrational fear of needles is the main reason why some people refu se to get immunization shots. What people need to understand is that a vaccination shot will protect them from the dangerous effects of infectious diseases and might actually save their lives and the lives of the people around them in the long run. With the large variety of vaccines out there, including ones against tetanus, whooping cough, and measles, â€Å"Hundreds of thousands of deaths have been prevented through routine immunizations and tens of billions of dollars have been saved, making childhood immunizations one of the most cost-effective components of our public health system† (â€Å"Mandatory Vaccinations†). The history of the success of vaccines should speak for itself. Actual lives have been saved by getting vaccinations and it is just not possible to overlook the fact that it will always be better to know that the community as a whole is safe from many deadly diseases than to be in constant fear of someone catching the flu from a family member or even fr om that man that sneezed in the elevator on their way to work last week. Peace of mind should be big enough of a consolation prize for going in and getting vaccinated, no matter how serious a case of needle phobia one might have. Many parents fear that vaccinations can causeShow MoreRelatedVaccines Are Pointless And Will Do Nothing But Harm The Children985 Words   |  4 Pagessites including Every Day Health and The Huffington Post suggest that spreading out vaccines are pointless and will do nothing but harm the children not receiving them. Dr. Gupta, a physician-journalist, counter-argued the idea of a new schedule stating, â€Å"altering the vaccine schedule by spacing vaccines further apart is dangerous in that it essentially leaves the child unvaccinated, defeating any purpose of vaccine prevention† (Gupta min. 1:35-2:28). Children are vulnerable at their age and so theirRead MoreNot Up For Debate : The Science Behind Vaccination1192 Words   |  5 Pageslearn the t ruth, but yet we are ready to choose sides and strongly argue about it. We see it every day on the news, in politics, sports, social media, online forums, school, etc. In his article, â€Å"Not Up for Debate: The Science Behind Vaccination†, published in September of 2015, Professor Aaron E. Carroll argues that the issue with vaccinations is more than just choosing to do it or not. Carroll jumps right into his discussion of the â€Å"Not up for debate† regarding people’s claims tying vaccines to autismRead MoreHpv Vaccine1161 Words   |  5 PagesAge Limit On HPV Vaccine? Being the 50 percent of sexually active people will have genital hpv in their lifetime the Human papilloma virus is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States of America.There are two vaccines that are currently available to prevent the Human papilloma virus that cause the most cervical cancers.The vaccines are Cervarix and Gardasil which also treats genital warts as well as anal and vaginal cancers. No federal laws yet mandate vaccinations but allRead MoreHuman Papillomavirus ( Hpv ) Vaccine1429 Words   |  6 PagesExploratory Essay: Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Prior to June of 2006, Human Pappilomarius (HPV) was almost unheard of to the general public. But after FDA approval of Gardasil manufactured by Merck Co., HPV vaccine became the headline of many articles and breaking news of many TV channels. Why? Let’s us explore it. According to World Health Organization (WHO), HPV worldwide is the most common sexual transmitted Disease (STD). There are more than 100 strains of HPV and in those 13 strainsRead MoreHuman Papillomavirus ( Hpv )1286 Words   |  6 Pagessexually transmitted infection in the United States† (Valentino Poronsky, 2016). HPV infections have been associated with causing multiple cancers. In 2006, the first vaccine against HPV emerged, Gardisil. In 2009 a second vaccine was approved by the FDA, Cervavix (Valentino Poronsky, 2016). Despite the development of the HPV vaccine, compliance remains low at an uptake rate of only 37.2% in adolescent females (Cassidy Schlenk, 2012) and 10-12% in adolescent male s (Thomas Snell, 2013). Lack ofRead MoreShould The Government Should Call The Shots1200 Words   |  5 Pagesthe United States, you probably know about the safety and protection we are provided by living here. Consequently, you may attribute our security to government and troops, the protection of our health provided to United States’ citizens is the backbone of what continues to grow our population, better our country, and prevent epidemic outbreaks. Scientists and doctors play a huge role in American protection because of their research and implementation of vaccines that immunize against destructive diseasesRead MoreVaccination Of Children And Children1730 Words   |  7 Pagesother authors and doctors have done countless research to find out the truth about MMR and their being a link between the vaccine MMR and autism. On February 28, 1998, Andrew Wakefield, a gastroenterologist did a paper about eight children whose first symptoms appeared after a month after they had received the MMR vaccine. All of those children had signs of gastrointestinal disease. From what Wakefield observed, the MMR vaccine caused intestinal inflammation, that lead to the blood stream and eventuallyRead MoreVaccinations And Its Effects On Children1226 Words   |  5 Pagesillness that could be life threatening or even just uncomfortable. No matter the severity of the sickness there is an importance in the prevention of these diseases. Another intriguing argument for the continued use and importance of vaccines is that â€Å"most childhood vaccines are 90%-99% effective in preventing disease† (AAP). With a 90%-99% success rate it shows that it is so important to receive a vaccination because of the dangers of the diseases. In fact the 90%-99% effectiveness has â€Å"save[ed] 2.5Read MoreMandatory Vaccinations Of School Age Children1473 Words   |  6 Pagesearly as the 1800s (History of Vaccines). Major anti-vaccination movements began around 1815 during the sm allpox epidemic in England (History of Vaccines). Doctor Edward Jenner conducted an experiment where he tested the vaccine first on cows, and later proved it effective on children (History of Vaccines). Jenner’s experiment consisted of taking a lymph from a cowpox blister and inserting it into the blood stream of the patient (History of Vaccines). News about the vaccine brought hope to parents, butRead MoreEthical Dilemmas Of The United States1235 Words   |  5 Pageswho refuse the shot. The ethical question in this case study is to decide if Carla should have been fired for not wearing a mask after refusing the flu shot and what are other potential proposals. The four-way method will separate out what are the truths, consequences, fairness, and character, of this ethical case study. There may be other details in this case that are not mentioned in the article that would go into the decision-making of the hospital whether or not to fire Carla. As the reader